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Yongchun Shuixian Trad 2023

Yongchun Shuixian Trad 2023

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永春 老樅佛手 傳統 2023年

Penglaishan, Yongchun, Fujian

An old tree shuixian in a half-rolled style more traditional in Minnan, this tea comes from a well-preserved old garden within a greater watershed that is protected in its entirety. This alongside the Foshou Trad constitute our modern counterparts to the 20th century mainstays of rolled oolongs from Yongchun region, when it was more frequently sold as "Minnan Shuixian," as opposed to the Foshou which was almost always sold as explicitly Yongchun.


Suggestion: 6-8g / 100 ml, 95-100C.

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