Collection: Anhui Green 安徽綠

In collaboration with Anhui specialist teamaker Yuxiangzhai, we are pleased to present this collection of fully handcrafted Anhui green teas. These are the result of several years of historical research and in-practice revival of Ming/Qing era handcraft, not only in technique but in consideration of tea within the larger context of mind-body.

You will find these present a more balanced body effect, without excessive cooling or harshness. We recommend you push these teas more than you might a typical Chinese green. Intensive steeps with off-the-boil water will reveal a lot of complexity and highlight exceptional qualities these teas have to offer. But they show just as well in a bowl or a tall glass as a more relaxed session.

Due to their balanced nature, we consider these greens appropriate for all seasons. They not only keep well but continue to develop in depth and nuance well into the following year.