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Full Roast Quntizhong 2019

Full Roast Quntizhong 2019

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鳳凰單欉 足火群體種 2019年

A full roast (足火) Fenghuang dancong made with an unnamed heirloom varietal, i.e., quntizhong (群體種). You can expect a roast level similar to our Trad Bujiantian / Rougui / Tieluohan yanchas, playing a significant role in the personality of the resulting tea without overshadowing the underlying characteristics.

Chaozhou gongfu-style brewing is well-suited to this tea, but it shows just as well in a less intensive ratio gaiwan brew.


Suggestion: 7-8g / 80 ml clay of choice, 100C; or 6-8g / 100 ml, 95-100C.


Correction: This was initially erroneously listed as 2020. While finished roasting in 2020, the harvest year is in fact 2019.

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