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Yongchun Foshou Trad 2023

Yongchun Foshou Trad 2023

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永春 老樅佛手 傳統 2023年

Penglaishan, Yongchun, Fujian

An old tree foshou in a half-rolled style more traditional in Minnan, this tea comes from a well-preserved old garden within a greater watershed that is protected in its entirety. Offered in both Spring and Winter harvest editions, with the latter being a much-anticipated local seasonal treat that seldom makes its way out of the town, much less the region.

Please note: We have decided to drop the "laocong" designation from the name to better highlight the distinctive positions Laocong Foshou Danzhu and Laocong Shuixian Bainian teas hold in our Yongchun collection, but this is indeed the same tea from the same bushes as the 2022 Yongchun Laocong Foshou Trad. 

The 2023 Spring version is in the trad oxidation level medium light roast style of the previous vintages. The 2023 Winter is presented in two contrasting styles: a trad oxidation medium high roast and a modern unroasted "competition" style with minimal oxidation using the same base material.

Suggestion: 6-8g / 100 ml, 95-100C.

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