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Yixing Hong Huangye 2020

Yixing Hong Huangye 2020

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宜興紅荒野 2020年

A fully handcrafted wild hongcha from Yixing, Jiangsu.

We were sad to learn that the 2023 edition of this small batch tea was not available due to the teamaker deciding to skip production altogether rather than harvest in less-than-ideal weather when the timing was at its peak, or choose to pick too early or too late. As disappointed as we were, we appreciate such meticulous approach to handcrafted teamaking, and also believe these bushes being given a year's rest will be beneficial to the quality in the coming years.

We have taken this as an opportunity to reassess the last several years of this tea, and this 2020 in particular stood out as an outstanding vintage. 


Suggestion: 5g / 100-120 ml, 95-100C.

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