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Qihong Songzhen 2023

Qihong Songzhen 2023

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安徽手工 祁紅松針 2023年

A fully handcrafted Qimen hongcha from the teamakers Wanghao and Xiaoyan of our Yuxiangzhai Anhui green tea collection.

Single-day harvest of first-pick spring buds, hand-rolled and bamboo basket piled oxidation, with charcoal bake finish.

For 2023 we are offering two versions of these handmade Qihongs, wild (huangye, i.e. left-to-grow old bushes) and its non-wild counterpart from an adjacent plot that receives light management in the form of manual weeding and occasional trimming, but no other active intervention such as fertilization.

Qhong Songzhen 2023 was harvested on 4/1, while Songzhen Huangye flushed a bit later for this spring, with subsequent first harvest on 4/7. 


Suggestion: 5g / 100-120 ml, 95-100C.

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