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Heritage Queshe 2022

Heritage Queshe 2022

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武夷傳承 九龍窠雀舌 2022

Queshe from Jiulongke, in a lighter roast that complements the delicate jasmine/rose florals. For customers who have tried the 2020 vintage of this tea, you can expect a more substantial base and complexity with the 2022 vintage. As with our Laocong Tieluohan, this is a tea that has much to offer beyond the unique aromatics and taste profiles of the opening steeps. We recommend steep lengths on the quicker side for the initial steeps, slowly progressing to prolonged soaks, then a gentle simmer or thermos brew of the leftover leaves for full extraction of this tea.


Suggestion: 5-8g / 100 ml, 95-100C. Although this tea can be brewed at typical tea-to-water ratios, we recommend at least one session at a lower ratio to see the full range of this tea. For customers purchasing an 8g sample, a session at ~5g / 80-90ml and another at ~3g / 80-90ml is a perfectly fine approach to both assessment and enjoyment.

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