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Baihao Yinzhen Chaitoushan Huangye 2023

Baihao Yinzhen Chaitoushan Huangye 2023

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二零二三年 白毫銀針 柴頭山荒野

With yinzhen prices skyrocketing in recent years, we have witnessed even teas of mediocre nature of post-2010 vintages bought and sold for increasingly eye-watering prices. We expect this trend to continue as the desirability of aged yinzhen continues to find an ever-growing audience in mainland China.

Perhaps better known internationally for its historically famous Bailin gongfu black tea, much of Bailin, Fuding's dabaihao cultivar bushes are actually harvested for white tea, with the high-altitude environment of Chaitoushan harboring wild bushes particularly well-regarded. For new Fuding yinzhen of comparable quality, we are seeing value in Chaitoushan over the better-known Panxi.


Suggestion: 5g / 100-120 ml, 95-100C.

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