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1990s Dehua Tall Pot

1990s Dehua Tall Pot

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九十年代 德化高壺

A tall-form Dehua export pot from the 90s, but with a glaze more reminiscent of Jingdezhen's qingbai. Cool-white tone, but you may notice a tinge of blue where the glaze pools thicker.

Given the larger size and heft with a slower flowing 5-hole filter, this pot is well-suited to longer steeps with a more modest amount of tea. We love these for lazy morning brews of a few grams, though certainly capable of more. With a relatively loose-fitting lid, we recommend underfilling a bit to minimize drip if desired. 


Volume: 220 ml maximum, 180-190 ml typical use recommended.

Weight (with lid): ~218 g

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