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Trad Zhengyan Nine Roast Rougui 2011

Trad Zhengyan Nine Roast Rougui 2011

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足火傳統 九道火肉桂 2011年 三坑兩

This rougui was roasted three times a year for the first three years, then rested a minimum of five years before release. A blend of kengjian bushes created with the intention of showcasing what is possible with patient layering of roast over time on a high-grade material. It is a far cry from the so-called "death roast" genre of yancha in which several roasts are executed over mere months.

As with all other kengjian trad yanchas in our lineup, we recommend longer steeps than typical Chaozhou gongfu approach. Try to come close to fully exhausting the leaves in 3-4 steeps of comparable strength.


Suggestion: 7-8g / 80 ml clay of choice, 100C.

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